Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jawab je la...

Where is your cell phone?
atas cpu...tgh copy masuk computer

married and have 1 lilttle baby boy

Your hair?
short, black, straight

close to it work

Your sister?
only 1 sister

Your favorite thing?
Errmm...sumthing cute n nice

Your dream last night?
ade...jap nk ingt..pasal ape ek??hish xdapat nk ingt jugak la...

Your favorite drink?
air masak, milo...xsuke sgt yg ade caffein

Your dream car?
Honda Stream

The room you’re in?
Kat opis

Your shoes?
brown colour

Your fears?
cockroach,beetle n lizard...geli tol aku

What do you want to be in 10 years?
have my good job jz working at home whenever i want...can watch my son grow every second...have a good house, good in health,have a lots of money ~ can buy anything i want...

Who did you hang out with this weekend?
dunno yet...asben ade kursus la

What are you not good at?
manage my pocket money..hehe


One of your wish list items?
iPhone 3G...ade sape2 nk bg x?

Where you grew up?
slim river, perak

Last thing you did?
makan karipap sardin

What are you wearing?
blouse n slack

What aren’t you wearing?
transparent n too tight shirt

Your pet?

Your computer?
laptop Acer

Your life?
so meaningfull, hepiness...with my hubby n my son

Your mood?
at the moment~ good!


What are you thinking about right now?
pasni nk g toilet!!!

Your car?
nope , kete asben adela

Your kitchen?
too smal...

Your summer?
dok umah je...skg panas je..h1n1 pon ade..

Your favorite color?
pink, purple, brown, red

Last time you laughed?
last nite..layan eishan

Last time you cried?
last sunday ~ hati x keruan

MRSM Langkawi

hubby, my son, parents, frens


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